Superior quality with light-weight Korean battery

The Carletto is unlike any of the scooters you see on the street. It's build from the ground up by the only foreigner-owned scooter manufacturer in China. Did we mention superior quality?

It's practical, solid and trustworthy, and comes standard with a luggage box and phone holder. But what's best about the Carletto is it's high quality Korean battery that you can easily take out and carry.

Why is the Carletto more expensive than the other scooters on your website?

Glad you asked! 

Half the extra cost is because of the 5kg Korean (LG) lithium battery – it’s super convenient to pick up with two fingers and bring inside to recharge. It’s also safer, more powerful and will last longer than Chinese lead acid and lithium-ion batteries. 

The other half of the extra cost is because of higher quality components, in particular the 4 layered (anti-puncture tyres) and the front and rear shock absorbers. Take a two minute ride over a few bumps and you will see immediately. No shakes, no rattles, no shudders. It costs a little extra, but it’s worth it.